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KUINI SOFIA, was one of our original KUINIKLUBBERS from our first mentoring program back in mid 2017. Since then she has participated in many different KUINIKLUB online programs and live workshops + events.

The kaupapa that she has created since her involvement with KUINIKLUB is called WARRIOR PRINCESS WORKSHOPS, which empowers young girls and young women.

Sofia is a qualified social and youth worker.

She has been practicing social work with families, youth and communities for almost 10 years. 

Her whakapapa is from Nofoali’I and Leulumoega, Samoa and Ngā Puhi (through whangai connections).
Sofia is passionate about supporting whānau break the cycle and change their narrative for the next generation.  

This passion inspired Sofia to create Warrior Princess Workshops.

Her workshops are designed to empower girls and young women. These transformative workshops and e-courses support participants to be STRONG, CONFIDENT, WARRIOR PRINCESSES, who LOVE themselves and recognise their WORTH.
Warrior Princess Workshops create a safe space for girls and young women to learn about themselves and tap into their potential. To gain assertive control over their decision making and develop social skills to enable them to speak their truth, confidently.

Sofia uses journaling exercises, story telling, taonga takaro (traditional Māori games) and other fun activities to build on participants mana, internal dialogue and self esteem.

Workshops are available for different age groups with a range of topics including; social skills, healthy relationships, sex, drugs and alcohol education as well as grief.  

To book and see when the next workshops are happening near you, check out the Warrior Princess Workshops Facebook page or Instagram @warrior_princess_workshops or email

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KUINI TE RANGITUAKI joined the second KUINIKLUB online intensive mentoring program, and then rapidly developed her own new kaupapa called Wild Wāhine, and her first ebook projects!

Te Rangitutaki is a badass mum of two, advocate for women, birth and Māoritanga.

Her whakapapa comes from Te Arawa, Mataatua and Aotea waka.

Te Rangitutaki works online and offline to provide spaces for empowering wahine. Her mahi gives wāhine the tools and mātauranga to fully step into and embody their truest selves.

She empowers wāhine to reclaim their power, their wildness, and their mauri so they can lead the lives they love. She carries mātauranga from her tipuna and works in alignment with specific atua to offer mahi that serves to expand, heal and empower.

She is a world traveler currently based in Germany. She believes that our diverse whakapapa is a superpower and offers us many taonga and mātauranga to draw from.

She is a treasure hunter of old stories, a teacher of atua and archetypes, a wise wahine, a fierce wahine and a wild wahine!

She offers Wild Wahine Workshops internationally and online. She also holds circles with wāhine to work with atua and goddesses. 

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KUINI MIRI STACEY joined us for our #crystalcore and #highpriestess online programs!

Miri Stacey first began her relationship with Plant Medicine at age 3 years old, when an elderly couple began training her in the garden and kitchen of their Homeopathy Practice, in Christchurch.

Miri's extended family and network of friends continued to nurture her affinity to the plant world and by age 18, she was working predominantly with a large selection of essential oils.

It was at this time, she began both travelling overseas, and awakening her inner healer.

Various spiritual masters began identifying Miri and stepping forward to further guide and assist her.

Miri now works as and when directed by spirit.

The majority of the time this involves working with holistic counselling clients, creating remedies and homeschooling her 7 year old daughter.

From time to time, she is called further afield to work with families, water, houses and land, in need of clearing and cleansing.

She also enjoys being of Service to her community and has established a niche promoting, reviewing and interviewing people about products and services affiliated with holistic health and spiritual development.

When she needs to cut loose from all of that, you can find her on stage at the occasional gig or festival with her loving partner Rola, rapping conscious lyrics and disseminating sound healing to the masses.

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KUINI TARYN is the founder of the KUINIKLUB movement.

She is an international tā moko artist, contemporary painter, serial entrepreneur, online gallerist, sovereign creator, mother, mentor, spoken word poet, advocate for women, a book lover, and a world traveler.

She is a lover of the Divine Feminine, Goddess Archetypes and Ngā Atua Wāhine.

Her work through KUINIKLUB involves incubating, encouraging, empowering and mentoring artists, wāhine, creatives, visionaries, trailblazers, modern priestesses, healers, and #sovereignsisters in creating their own unique #soulaligned personal brands and online income streams as vehicles to support and sustain their #mahiaroha and true purpose in the world.

She teaches decolonisation of the mind, through her uniquely developed ‘WORD WITCHERY’ methods using potent customised personalised affirmations. These methods and the daily use of #powerkupu are interwoven throughout all of the KUINIKLUB programs and live workshops/events.

Taryn’s three business brands and kaupapa encompass all of her true #soulpassions and serve as self-sustainable vehicles for her to fulfil her true destiny in life as an atua-inspired,
conscious co-creator.

They are, and

The tools and techniques that she used to create her own #dreamlife #dreambrands #locationfreelifestyle and #kuinivision, are exactly what she teaches, guides and mentors on in the KUINIKLUB movement.

She believes in creating self-sovereignty in every aspect of life, and empowering other women and people to achieve this brings her huge satisfaction and #soulfulfillment.

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